Why COVID-19?

Six months after the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic, countries around the world are still battling the disease along with the economic burden of lockdowns imposed to contain and control the spread of the disease. While pharma companies across the world race to find a cure for this disease and develop vaccines, the only immediate solution to allow economies to re-open safely is to scale-up screening and make it easily accessible for the masses. For this purpose, we have developed two products – QuikPath RAPID and QuikPath RAPID Self

Our Products

QuikPath RAPID

Point-of-Care test suitable for mass screening. Results based on fluorescence detection.

  • Target Genes: Orf1ab and N with integrated internal control
  • ‍Limit of Detection: 10 viral copies / µL
  • Reaction Time: 30 mins, 8 tests / run
  • Sensitivity: > 95%
  • Instrumentation: QuikPath Analyser
  • ‍Storage: Room Temperature
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months

QuikPath RAPID Self

Easy-to-use kit, suitable for self-screening by anyone, anywhere. Results based on colorimetric reading.

  • HSA Approved
  • Target Genes: Orf1ab and N
  • Internal control: rActin
  • ‍Limit of Detection: 10 viral copies / µL
  • Reaction time: 40 mins, 1 test / run
  • Sensitivity: > 95%
  • Instrumentation: Standard heating block
  • ‍Storage: -20° C
  • ‍Shelf Life: 6 Months

Simple Process Flow

Single Processing System
Integrated RNA extraction and testing in the Cartridge
Automatic Internal Transfer System guarantees no aerosolization
Extracted RNA is automatically transferred internally to the PCR solution 

Safety & Traceability

Protective Shield
Self-disinfecting, tamper proof Cartridge
Non removable seals
Once cartridge is sealed with swab, it cannot be opened
No human handling
After swab is inserted, there is no human interaction with the sample
Barcode Tagging (RAPID only)
Barcoded Cartridge, can be scanned by built-in barcode reader

Product Tutorial

1. Swab inside of mouth / nose

2. Insert swab into test cartridge. Pull plunger up and then press down

3. Insert cartridge into heat block

4. Visual result within 40 minutes

Observe the colour change in the
"T tube"

If the colour changes from red to yellow, the reaction is positive.

If the colour remains red, the reaction is negative

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