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Why do we cook with sea water?

Discover the spirit of Tulum Cervecería Artesanal and its magical ingredient: Sea Water, being a unique offer in the category of Fine Dining restaurants in Tulum. In our restaurant we cook with sea water, and very especially with water from the Mexican Caribbean, with sea water from Tulum!
Tulum Cervecería Artesanal is the perfect option to share incredible moments with your partner, friends and family, while you taste exquisite dishes prepared with Sea Water, our master ingredient, which manages to highlight the flavor of the food that arrives at your table, in addition to conserve its nutrients and minerals.
In Tulum Cervecería Artesanal “we cook with sea water”, a product that is increasingly valued in specialized kitchens thanks to the multiple benefits it brings to the health of consumers, in addition to all the culinary advantages that its use entails, serving as a primary substitute for common salt.


When cooking with sea water, it is not only a question of achieving a balance between the bland and the salty, but also of emphasizing the original taste of each product and cooking it in its own juices. In addition, it has been shown that thanks to seawater it is possible to enhance the flavor of foods such as fish and shellfish, but also vegetables, pasta, rice, meat or legumes, while providing a significant percentage of nutrients and less sodium than salt. common, as it naturally contains numerous minerals and trace elements.


  1. Common table salt is made up of 100% sodium chloride, while in the composition of seawater we find 86% sodium chloride and all the minerals and trace elements that exist.
  2. Foods cooked with seawater offer purer flavors and full of nuances because, unlike what happens with common salt, the flavors are enhanced and not masked.
  3. Consuming food cooked with seawater helps regulate intestinal transit, helps reduce gastric acidity problems, helps regulate cholesterol and blood pressure.
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