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Top 3: Drinks to enjoy the party

The time has come to enjoy your trip through the Mexican Caribbean. Tulum has so much to offer, from its Mayan ruins by the sea to its typical food.
At Tulum Cervecería Artesanal we offer our guests a memorable experience, both for our quality control and our facilities, atmosphere and shows.
Don’t let the heat stop you from enjoying the party in Tulum and dare to taste the Top 3 refreshing and delicious drinks that we selected for you, especially so you can continue celebrating at the beach.
Enjoy life and let yourself be pampered, only in Tulum Cervecería Artesanal a gourmet restaurant that has the tastiest dishes in Tulum and a Mixology that will allow you to connect with your ancestors.
These are the ideal drinks to merge perfectly with the climate of Tulum. They will manage to keep you fresh and energized to live the party in the best way.
First place of the top 3 we recommend Tuluminati, a drink that fuses the liquor of “magic mushrooms” and CBD, which will take you into a quantum trip to the Katún, the time of no time, it will also transport you to another dimension and activate your consciousness and all your senses. 
You will surely love this extravagantly colored drink as it is also served in a container that resembles a long mushroom.
The second mixology that we present to you in this Top 3 is Zamáa fantastic preparation as a tribute to the majestic spectacle of the aurora that Itzamná, the sun god, gives us. 
Zamá is a mezcal elixir that will transport you to a mystical experience between dimensions, allowing you to explore the aromas and flavors of Tulum. Its gradient of warm colors from yellow to red will leave you a good taste in your mouth.
Our mixologist thought about everyone, all kinds of preferences and flavors, which is why you will definitely want to try the last drink in our Top 3.
Cerveza Tulum
Tulum Beer is one of the most important drinks in this ranking because it is unique, as it is made with sea water, which gives it a delicious flavor.
Chemicals free, pure and alkaline keeping all the nutrients and minerals that will take care of your health. In addition to being light, its aroma, color and texture are spectacular.
It comes from sustainable consumption and when you buy it you contribute to the cleaning of the oceans and the care of the reef, since a percentage of your purchase is donated to the Great Mayan Reef Foundation.
At Tulum Cervecería Artesanal we also offer other drinks within our mixology such as: Nicté, Mezcal Mule, Pox, Saká and Bupu.
Also live an incredible culinary experience consuming the organic flavors of Tulum through a sophisticated eating and drinking ritual. 
Our meats and ingredients come from certified farms and our delicious vegan dishes are prepared with products harvested from our own garden.
Of course, at your party in Tulum you should not miss the opportunity to try our tasty artisan desserts, which will make your senses explode with pleasure.
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