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The best mixology to enjoy in Tulum

Mixology is generally accepted as a more refined term and a deeper study of the art of mixing drinks that has grown stronger in recent years.
It is a specialty of cocktails and an evolution of the bartender, who now becomes a mixologist, will investigate, reinterpret and innovate classic drinks through his/her own vision and will create new cocktails mixing aromas, colors, flavors and textures with the intention to leave his own stamp. 
As you enter the heart of Tulum, you will discover an innovative place that will fill you with sudden energy, and revitalize your spirit with the alchemy of our magical mixology, offering dinners an unparalleled experience through a quantum journey that will activate all your senses.
Let yourself be surprised at
Tulum Cervecería Artesanal, where mixology is perfectly designed to make you live exceptional moments, in which you will enjoy our irresistible signature drinks inspired by the mysticism of the Mayan culture, created with magical local ingredients that will connect your spirit with the heart of the pachamama. 
Dare to try our magical mixology, made with top quality products, which will take you to enjoy a quantum journey activating your consciousness through a deep connection with all your senses.
Without a doubt, at Tulum Cervecería Artesanal we are known for always being at the forefront and for offering irresistible options. For this reason, you will find in our Mixology Menu a variety of exquisite drinks prepared with natural ingredients and in an artisanal way, which reveal the true essence of Tulum. 

Artisanal mixology with roots of the mayan world 

Every detail is important and tells its own story. Learn about the Mayan legends behind our magical mixology!
The emblematic cocktail of the house! Tuluminati is an experience to the unknown, a trip to Katún; time of no time. A fusion of hallucinogenic mushrooms and CBD that transcends you to another dimension and ignites your consciousness through a deep connection with all your senses.
Experiencing being part of the whole in a fusion between your heart and the earth.
– ZAMÁ –
Tulum in ancient times was called Zamá, which means sunrise. Zamá is an elixir that transports you to a mystical experience. Where species from around the world connect to transcend dimensions and explore the mysteries, flavors and aromas of the Caribbean.
A tribute to the majestic spectacle of the aurora that Itzamná gives us: God of the Sun.
– SAKÁ –
Sacred Mayan drink that was used as an offering to the Gods for growing corn seasons. Modified to transport you to the dimension of Xibalbá through a mixture of sweet and sour flavors, a touch of pox and our artisanal lager beer made with seawater from Tulum.
Upgraded version of the Moscow Mule, an intervention of Mexican flavors with a nice twist on a classic cocktail favorite. Mexa Mule for those looking for a refuge from the heat, this dangerously exquisite drink invites you to drink it more than once
Come to Tulum Cervecería Artesanal to try the sustainable flavor. Reserva en Opentablewe have options for groups.