Cervecería Tulum Brewery Restaurant

The best flavors of the sea in the kitchen of Tulum Cervecería Artesanal

On your next visit to Tulum, come and enjoy the best flavors of the sea in the kitchen of Tulum Cervecería Artesanal.
We are a restaurant that cares about the environment, especially the marine world, therefore, our gastronomy is based on certified sustainable fishing, this means that to obtain our fish and shellfish we must comply with a series of standards to allow the reproduction of the species of the oceans, by respecting close fishing season.
Sustainable fishing is important because it rejects indiscriminate capture, contributes to food security, reduces pollution and creates jobs.
At Tulum Cervecería Artesanal we stand out for cooking with seawater, which allows our Mexican cuisine to acquire a one-of-a-kind seasoning and taste that preserves the abundant nutrients and minerals of natural sea salt. You definitely have to try our authentic flavors.
In our fish and seafood menu you can select from delicious cold appetizers such as: 
  • Tuna Tiradito
  • Smoked salmon carpaccio
  • Alaskan king crab legs
  • Natural oysters
From hot entrees you can choose between:
  • Soft shell crab
  • Grilled Alaskan king crab legs
  • Fried octopus
The seafood soup is one of our tastiest soups with sustainable fishing ingredients, the Caesar salad with squid is also a delight along with the rice with seafood.
You can try some delicious tacos, do not hesitate to opt for:
  • Prime Steak Tacos
  • Fried crab tacos
  • Shrimp tacos
  • Lobster Tacos
Or, if you prefer a crunchy flavor you can order some tostadas with:
  • Chilli octopus
  • Shrimp
  • Alaskan crab
  • Fish
Other seafood options include grilled octopus, wood-fired salmon, grilled spicy shrimp, roasted bass, grilled lobster tail, grilled scallops, and catch of the day. Of course, being one of the best restaurants in Tulum, you will also find ceviches and tiraditos.
Not only do we take care of the environment inside the kitchen, but our passion for sustainability is reflected in our services by: 
  • Using solar and wind power to turn on our lights
  • We are free of single-use plastics
  • We treat our waste to minimize it and reuse it as compost
  • We believe in the sustainable future of our planet
Being one of our guests we will treat you like you deserve thanks to the incredible and attentive staff trained to make your night the best on your stay in Tulum.
Live the most advanced artisanal culinary experience at Tulum Cervecería Artesanal and witness our craft brewery and distillery, the exquisite mixology and our exciting Tulum-style fire show.
Do not wait any longer and make your reservation now at OpenTable, write to reservas@tulumadvancedcuisine.com
Or give us a call +52 99 82 91 62 53
Remember we are open from 11:00 AM and 1:00 AM monday to Sunday