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Sustainable cooking: more than a healthy meal

Currently, talking about sustainable cooking has gone from being a fashion to becoming a lifestyle, which seeks to raise awareness in society and harmonize with the environment, to cause the least possible impact, and of course, take advantage of responsibly. the resources that the noble pachamama provides us.
In recent years, sustainability has become key in everyday life, including food, thus opening the way to a new way of cooking. This type of cuisine is known as green kitchen or sustainable cuisine.
Therefore, a green kitchen is synonymous with a kitchen that takes into account from the origin of the ingredients, how they are grown, how they reach the markets and, finally, the dishes. In other words, sustainable cuisine is made up of foods whose way of preparation and consumption do not harm the environment.
At Tulum Cervecería Artesanal we are committed to guaranteeing a sustainable future, therefore, we are a certified restaurant in which our meats and ingredients are produced on organic farms, and our fish and seafood come from certified sustainable fishing.


Primarily, it is necessary to know that this gastronomic concept aims to meet the food needs of current generations without compromising future ones, as well as an act of love for Mother Earth and her oceans. Therefore, a true sustainable kitchen or green kitchen must know and make use of collection techniques in which the transformation of its food is based on knowledge of its origin and its consequences in a social, environmental and economic way.


Taking into account that a sustainable kitchen is based on a system that provides healthy food, at the same time that it is concerned and busy with maintaining the balance of ecosystems, a certified restaurant needs to comply with the pillars of this type of gastronomy in the realization of their dishes:
1. Waste reduction
2. Rational use of resources
3. Sustainable production
4. Respect for seasonal products
5. Social commitment to promote fair trade with producers and customers


At Tulum Cervecería Artesanal we cook with Sea water, in a unique artisanal culinary experience with roots from the Mayan world that merge with the slow fire of charcoal, giving our dishes a unique and incomparable flavor, with unique and daring flavors of Mexican cuisine.
By cooking with sea water we highlight the flavors of the ocean in all our dishes, since the water provides nutrients and minerals that help in the unique and characteristic flavor of Tulum Cervecería Artesanal, being a unique offer in the category of Fine Dining restaurants in Tulum.
We are committed to the planet and its seas, which is why our fish and shellfish come from certified sustainable fishing. Our meats and ingredients are produced on organic farms, to ensure the future of our planet, with the vision that future generations can continue to enjoy our food.
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