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Celebrate your birthday at Tulum Cervecería Artesanal

If you are about to celebrate your birthday and you don’t know where, don’t wait any longer and enjoy your day in style at Tulum Cervecería Artesanal.
We are a gourmet restaurant on the Caribbean coast in charge of providing the most significant experiences to our guests.
Enjoy a magnificent evening in the company of your family, friends and loved ones while you live a sophisticated culinary experience.
Because nothing is better than satisfying your palate on your birthday celebration. We think of you, which is why our high-end food and beverage ritual is one of a kind. Our meats and ingredients come from certified organic farms, guaranteeing quality in each of our meals.
Do not miss the opportunity to delight in the authentic and daring flavors of Mexican cuisine, our charcoal stove and the wood-fired grill.
Our differential characteristic is that we cook with sea water, which allows us to prepare dishes with the exquisite flavor of natural sea salt and preserve its abundant nutrients and minerals. We also are very passionate about sustainability, since our fish and shellfish come from sustainable fishing ensuring the correct reproduction of the marine species in their natural habitats.
On the other hand if you don’t eat meat, don’t worry either because our delicious vegan dishes are made with organic products harvested with love from our own garden. At Tulum Cerveceria Artesanal you will find food and artisan desserts that will make each of your senses explode.
By celebrating your birthday with us, you will be part of an exciting show. Our incredible Fire Show will surprise you and all your guests because we have expert artists and dancers in the region. Besides, our best DJs will be entertaining your extraordinary night.
Enjoy to the fullest your special day by celebrating your birthday at Tulum Cerveceria Artesanal and try our mixology, which will make you travel on a quantum journey through our magical artisanal cocktail bar and to do so, you can choose from these tasty drinks:
  • Tuluminati.
  • Zamá.
  • Nicté.
  • Mula de Mezcal.
  • Pox.
  • Saká.
  • Bupu.
If you prefer a good beer or a traditional distillery, you can opt for the immersive experience of tasting our incredible variety of craft beers, such as Cerveza Tulum, ideal for light drinks lovers. By consuming it, you will also be saving the ocean, due to which a percentage of your purchase will be donated to Gran Arrecife Maya Foundation.
The commitment we have as one of the best restaurants in Tulum is reflected in our facilities and decor, which will provide you with great comfort. The lighting of the place was specially designed to create an effect that will make you feel peaceful and tranquil.
Let yourself be pampered on your birthday and make your reservation now at OpenTable. You can also find us on our social networks where you can read about other customers’ amazing experiences.
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We guarantee you the best Birthday party ever.