Diagnostics screening for Anyone, Anywhere

At QuikPath, we are on a mission to eliminate the complexity & anxiety in current diagnostic testing processes by developing accurate, accessible & affordable diagnostic test kits.

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Welcome to QuikPath

We are a Singapore-based medical device company, disrupting the diagnostics field through a revolutionary infectious disease platform based on isothermal RT-PCR solutions and technology.

About the product

QuikPath’s QScreen for COVID-19 test kit has been designed to ensure diagnostic screening and testing can reach the remotest corners of the world keeping affordability in mind – without compromising on accuracy.

  • Simplified workflow eliminates the need for scientific equipment and trained professionals to provide Isothermal-RT PCR solutions

  • Automated results in less than 45 minutes

  • Low Capex instrument with high throughput (up to 10 results per run)

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Product features

Bringing the lab closer to the patient, QuikPath SARS-CoV-2 Isothermal RT-PCR Tests can be used to scale up a diagnostic screening in an accurate, accessible, and affordable manner. The easy-to-use and streamlined workflow allow the test to be used by anyone, anywhere!

Reap Multi-level Benefits From QuikPath’s Diagnostic Solutions

  • SAFE: Zero aerosols released

  • SCALABLE: Scale up without additional CapEx

  • ADAPTABLE: Several, diverse use cases

  • TRACABLE: QR code detection

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Company background

QuikPath is the only LAMP RT-PCR-based POC test platform developed indigenously in Singapore. At QuikPath, we are on a mission to remove the complexity and anxiety from diagnostic testing through accurate, accessible, and affordable point-of-care diagnostic test kits.

  • Female-founded company with strong roots and partners in Singapore

  • ISO13485-certified providers of accurate, accessible, and affordable point-of-care diagnostic screening kits

  • Corporate partners: Biomed Global, Forefront Medical, Enterprise Singapore, A*Star

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Whether you have questions about features, pricing, placing an order, want a demo, or if you’d like to partner/invest with us, our team is here to help you out!